spring 2014 syllabi now available

The polar vortex has lifted, the glaciers that line the streets are receding, and the lakefront path is flooded with snowmelt (as are my socks), which must mean spring is coming, which means it’s time to post syllabi for the spring quarter! An updated syllabus for my graduate seminar on “Politics, Art, and Aesthetics,” which I was originally planning to teach in the winter term but had to postpone, can now be found in the classroom, as can the new version of my advanced undergraduate seminar on The Human Condition.

“Agamben’s Political Thought,” a graduate seminar originally planned for the spring, will be offered next fall instead. And, if you’re curious what else I’ll be teaching next year: in the winter and spring, I’ll be offering a new two-quarter graduate seminar called “Contemporary Political Theory and its Histories,” which will survey some important recent work in contemporary political theory with an eye toward its tacit and explicit deployments of history (intellectual and otherwise), and which will also treat “contemporary” theory as itself an object of historical study. I’ll also be teaching a section of the undergraduate core sequence in “Classics of Social and Political Thought” across the entire academic year.