(2018–2019 courses)

My next course offerings will be at Cornell University in Spring 2019. Details TBD.

(past courses)

20th Century Hegelianisms. [2004 syllabus]

Action and Responsibility. [2001 syllabus]

Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory. [2012 syllabus]

Agamben’s Political Thought. [2016 syllabus]

Arendt and Heidegger (with Bob Gooding-Williams). [2012 syllabus]

Classics of Social and Political Thought, I. [2014 syllabus]

Classics of Social and Political Thought, II. [2018 syllabus]

Classics of Social and Political Thought, III. [2018 syllabus]

Cold War Political Theory. [2009 syllabus]

Contemporary Political Theory and its Histories. [2015 syllabus, part I] [part II]

Contemporary Theories of Agency. [2004 syllabus]

Democracy and its Critics in the 19th Century. [2003 syllabus]

Democratic Theory. [2000 syllabus] [2006 syllabus]

Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition. [2017 syllabus] [2014 syllabus] [2011 syllabus] [2009 syllabus] [2006 syllabus]

Hannah Arendt’s On Revolution [2015 syllabus]  & On Revolution Continued. [2016 syllabus]

Hegel and Marx. [2004 syllabus]

Language, Politics, and Political Theory. [2006 syllabus]

Marx’s Capital (with Bill Sewell). [2001 syllabus]

Marx’s Capital and its Readers, I–II [2018 syllabus part I]  [2018 syllabus part II]

The Political Thought of Jürgen Habermas. [2009 syllabus]

Politics, Art, and Aesthetics. [2014 syllabus] [2007 syllabus]

Power, Action, and Rule in Radical Democratic Theory. [2011 syllabus]

Self, Culture, and Society, I. [2011 syllabus]

Theories of Agency: Hannah Arendt. [2003 syllabus]