My cv page contains links to copies of some, though not all, of my articles, book chapters, book reviews, and other shorter publications. For items that have been published online, I provide links to the official online versions, which generally require institutional subscriptions for access. When publishers’ open access policies allow, I also post copies of the published versions of articles, chapters, etc., here.* Those are labeled, simply, “[archived PDF].” In some cases, I’m only permitted to post a PDF of the final manuscript. Those are labeled “[archived PDF of MS],” and they may differ from the published versions due to changes at the copy-editing stage, and in any case won’t give you the published pagination — so if for some reason you’re inclined to quote anything, please consult the version of record! Some things I can’t post on a website at all. However, I am always permitted to furnish copies to individuals, so if you’re interested in receiving an electronic copy of any of my articles, chapters or other shorter publications (for your personal, non-commercial use), and you can’t get access easily through a library, please email me, and I’ll be happy to help.

*Official copyright notices for the archived PDFs can be seen by hovering over their links.