Yes, this is a “professional” website, but admit it, you wanted bike pictures. Okay, if you insist.

The “new” road bike (actually a 10-year-old titanium frame, handmade by Seven Cycles in Watertown, MA, bought secondhand and built up with new parts):


The all-weather commuter (a Soma Fabrications Wolverine, single-speed, with a belt drive, rack & panniers, fenders, and, eventually, maybe, studded tires for braving the polar night of icy darkness and hardness that is the Lakefront Trail in February):

The all-purpose bike (a Soma Fabrications Double Cross steel cyclocross frame with disc brakes and handbuilt wheels, for roads, gravel, trails, mud, snow, etc.):


The Soma in the Institute Woods; Princeton, New Jersey, December 2012:


The mountain bike (a vintage Specialized Rockhopper Comp, which I rode all over the trails of the East Bay and Marin, alone and with my father, back in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s, converted in 2014 to a rigid single speed MTB with what one friend called–as a compliment, surely–a “sickening” retro color scheme):


All four of these were designed in consultation with, and masterfully built by, Alex and the crew at Roscoe Village Bikes. (My first road bike, a modestly upgraded Jamis Quest, has retired to California, where I ride it when I’m visiting. We won’t discuss the Cannondale years.)